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IMPACT Igniter is a fully dosed and highly effective Pre-Workout thatll give you exactly what you want €œ results! Even better, these are results that improve the more you use it! Loaded with research directed dosages that work synergistically to produce Read more
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ACTIVE FAT TRANSPORT (AFT)Carnitine, Caffeine, Alpha-GPC and the stimulants Synephrine and Hordeum Vulgare all produce some impressive effects that lead to a shift in the way that the body breaks fat down, releases it into the blood stream and uses it (burns it) as energy to power your training. Test subjects using IMPACT Igniter all reported an increase in body heat and sweating during training.IMPACT Igniter increases both the release of stored fat and the burning of that fat for fuel. It literally spares muscle energy and shifts metabolism to burn fat during intense training.               MUSCLE SWELLING PUMP ACTIVATIONWe have known for decades that hitting the gym and lifting weights with repeated sets and high volume gives you the “pump. But what is the pump and how does it help you? The action of repeated muscle contractions with resistance over a long duration produce this effect through increased blood pooling in the muscle and increased metabolic waste from hard working muscles.So, how do we amplify this effect in the gym and take advantage of these effects? IMPACT Igniter has included high levels of key ingredients that have been shown to produce results that lead to substantial increases in levels of blood plasma, nitric oxide, erythropoietin (EPO) and osmolytes (ingredients that help manage hydro-pressure within muscles).